Michael Douglas Has Been Diagnosed With Esophageal Cancer, Tumors of The Throat

Michael Douglas has been diagnosed with Esophageal Cancer, tumors of the throat.

What is cancer? It is a disease or health condition that occurs when normal cells mutate in the body, divide, and reproduce without control to other body parts. They spread through the body via the blood and lymph systems.

Oscar winning actor “Michael Douglas” has been diagnosed with esophageal cancer, which is a type of cancer of the throat. Throat Cancer refers to tumors that develop in the pharynx and or the larynx. It is more ordinary in men than women are. One of the most vital risk factors is excessive tobacco and alcohol use. Here are seven signs and symptoms that you may have a form of throat cancer:

If you have any amalgamation of these symptoms, go see your doctor just to make sure it is not cancer. As with all cancers, early detection is the key to optimum results.

If you are diagnosed with, esophageal tumors of the throat, like Michael Douglas, look for alternatives to conventional treatments, or standard care, like surgery, high dose radiation, or chemotherapy. Do not take the first option your primary doctor tells you. Be proactive and take in charge of your health and life. Why? Well if you do not take care of YOUR HEALTH, NOBODY WILL!

There are very effective alternatives cancer treatments options and many of them have very low or no side effects.

For example, Hyperthermia, an alternative cancer treatment is given in the US and Europe. Hyperthermia earnings heating the cancer tumor at a temperature equivalent to a high fever, about 42.5-Celsius or 104-Fahrenheit degrees. The high temperatures can end the malignant tumor without harming the surrounding healthy tissue. FDA approved since 1984, recognized and paid by most insurance companies, including Medicare. Therefore, if your doctor has diagnosed you with cancer, you owe it to yourself and your body to consider alternative cancer treatments.

Meet James I. Bicher, M.D., a pioneer in the hyperthermic field and founder/boss of Bicher (formerly Valley) Cancer Institute; one of the largest hyperthermic research & clinic treatment centers. Adding hyperthermia with the targeted radiation in the form of IMRT “Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy,” an well ahead cancer treatment therapy implemented, and developed by Dr. Bicher, is not done anywhere else! Click on our link & you can watch some video testimonials of past patients talk about their experience at BCI and why choosing alternative treatment over conventional was a better choice.

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